Windows Automation Software

Automate Repetitive Tasks on your Windows Computer to Save Time, Efforts and Money with Windows Automation Software offered here. This is a really easy to learn and understand Windows Automation Software. No Programming or Script Knowledge is required to Automate Repetitive Tasks like Software Testing, Regression Testing, Repetitive Text Typing, Graphical User Interface Testing, etc with this Windows Automation Software to automate repetitive windows tasks. You can Automate Mouse Clicking, Keystroke Pressing, Launching of Applications, Online and Offline Optical Character Recognition, Automated Image Search on Screen, Pixel Color Search, Clipboard Monitoring and much more with this Free to try Windows Automation Software to Automate lots of repetitive tasks. This Windows Automation Software can be a really handy utility when you wish to Automate repetitive tasks on your Desktop or Laptop Computer running Windows.

Screenshot of Windows Automation Software
Windows Automation Software to Automate Mouse Clicking, Keystrokes, and other Windows Tasks

Download Windows Automation Software to Automate Repetitive Tasks

Navigate to Auto Mouse Click Home Page to Download Free Trial of this Windows Automation Software and enjoy all the features. There are no functionality limitations or popup reminders to buy the software in the Free Trial. Yes this Software works on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 2000 and other Microsoft Operating Systems running on 32 bit or 64 bit Architecture.

Automate Mouse Clicking, Key Pressing and Much More

Most of the Windows Applications do provide a Graphical User Interface with which we all interact with the Software Application. This Windows Automation Software allows you to Automate lots more than simple Mouse Clicking, Key Pressing, etc. Given below are few of the basic Windows Tasks that can be Automated and Combined to create a Macro Script which can group and Automate a Big Task by Automating simple Windows Tasks.

Automate Mouse Actions

Almost all types of Mouse Activities can be Automated by this Automation Software. By Automating Mouse Actions, you can Automate almost anything. Given below are few of the Mouse Actions that can be Automated by this Windows Automation Tool.

Automate Keyboard Actions

You can automate single or multiple Keystrokes with Keyboard Automation Tasks. Automating Keystrokes allow you to Automate Graphical User Interface without worrying about Location of any Graphical User Interface Element like Text Box, Check Box, Drop-down or anything else.

Automate Window Actions

Windows presents Graphical User Interface by grouping smaller GUI Elements in larger GUI Elements called as Windows. The Window Automation Actions allow you to control Windows so that you can control which Window Receives Automated Input.

Automate launching of Applications or Documents

You can launch External Application, Open Existing Documents or Launch Browser with specified URL with Application Launching Actions. Yes you can even Automate Launching of Existing Macro Scripts created with this Windows Automation Software.

Other Windows Automation Actions

By combining any of the above Actions, you can create a macro Script to be executed as and when required to Automate any Repetitive Task. There are other supportive Actions supported by this Windows Automation Software which can assist you for Audible and Visual Alerts, Embed a Macro Recording (containing Mouse and Keystrokes created with Macro Recorder), etc.

Screenshot displaying Windows Automation Actions along with their decsription
Screenshot with Windows Tasks available for Automation in this Windows Automation Software

Features to Assist you in Automating Repetitive Tasks on Windows

There are lots of other features in the Software which together make Windows Automation Really Easy and Quick. There are lots of Video Tutorials available for the Software and the Macro Editor provided is Mouse and Keyboard friendly. Just Right Click on the Macro Editor to explore what all features are offered by this Software or Read on to know more.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

The Windows Automation Software presented on this website allows you to Automate Repetitive Tasks by Automating Mouse, Keyboard, and other Windows Control Actions. The Scripts can be scheduled to be executed at a later Time and date with Windows Task Scheduler. Yes, you can even Execute Macro Scripts with Keyboard Shortcut or from the Windows Explorer itself.

There are lots of other ways in which you can execute a Macro Script depending on purpose and available trigger method. This Windows Automation Application is really easy and handy to use and does have inbuilt Text and Video Tutorials so that you can learn it within no time and start using it to Automate a Long or Repetitive Task. Whether you are looking for a Mouse Click Automation Software, Keystroke Automation Software or just looking to Automate Windows Tasks, this Windows Automation Software Tool can be really handy.

Free and Paid Support Available

Free Customer Support is available for Registered Users for upto 3 Months. You can Hire our Software Developers to Design and Implement any new feature or Design a Macro Script for you. Yes we do understand Windows and we have tried our best to provide best possible features in this Free to try and Affordable Windows Automation Software.

Customer Support Link for the Software
Support available for Automating Windows Tasks